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Schwartz, Bon, Walker, & Studer, LLC
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Since the earliest oil boom days, attorneys associated with this firm have been providing legal services to the energy industry.  The firm’s long tradition in the energy industry began with R.H. Nichols and “Bull” Steritt representing oil companies, service companies and mineral interest owners from their offices in the newly constructed Consolidated Royalty Building (then known as the Oil Exchange Building) in Casper, Wyoming.  Years later, after serving with distinction in World War II,  William T. Schwartz began his legal practice with R.H. Nichols in the Consolidated Royalty Building.

Having seen first-hand the boom of the Salt Creek field, Bill Schwartz decided to study petroleum geology in his undergraduate studies.  Using his education and experience, Bill Schwartz became a powerful legal force and advocate in the energy industry, including being elected president of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation.  He also started a tradition in the firm, which continues to this day, of having at least one attorney with a geology or geophysics degree.  Bill Schwartz joined forces with noted trial attorney William S. Bon to form a lasting friendship and legal team lasting for many decades.

Over the years, Schwartz Bon has continued to grow and evolve along with the energy industry.  The firm’s Energy Law Group continues to practice from the Consolidated Royalty Building, but has expanded to include attorneys licensed to practice law in Colorado and North Dakota, as well as Wyoming and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  As such, the attorneys of Schwartz Bon can provide legal services throughout much of energy country.

Over the past several decades, the attorneys of Schwartz Bon have handled virtually every type of energy industry legal dispute and claim.  As a small sampling of the firm’s experience, the following types of claims and disputes were litigated:

Well Site and Industrial Accidents
• Drilling gas well blow-out
• Dehydrator fire and explosion
• Oil storage tank explosion
• Exploding LP gas tank
• Fatigued worker accident
• Pipeline transportation accident
• Pipeline fire/explosion
• Refinery fire/explosion
• Environmental contamination
• Service company cementing errors and omissions
• Workover operations and rig control
• Driller and company representative errors and omissions
• Worker compensation claims

Downhole and Product Litigation
• Drilling motor design and performance issues
• Collar failure and fishing activities
• Tubing and casing damage
• Defective slips
• Defective BOP
• Lost production and subterranean trespass
• Manufacturing and tool supply litigation
• Trespass

Lease, Property and Insurance Coverage
• Oilfield indemnity
• MSA interpretation and litigation
• Environmental coverage
• Reclamation and bonding litigation
• Mineral interest and royalty litigation
• Tank storage and premises liability
• Pollution litigation
• Lease holder rights and damage assessment
• Uranium claim holder rights
• Uranium processing facility design and construction
• Bentonite claims litigation
• Mineral title analysis

Patent and Trademark
• Tubing stabbing guide
• Well site discharge water storage system
• Downhole water re-injection system
• Licensing of methane water purification system
• Intellectual property acquisition, transfer and merger

As times and technology change, so do the risks, issues and interests of the energy industry.  With its rich tradition and wealth of experience, Schwartz, Bon, Walker & Studer, LLC will continue to meet the needs and represent the interests of its clients in the energy industry into the future. 

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