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Schwartz, Bon, Walker, & Studer, LLC
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Many of the lawyers in our firm have received national recognition for their experience, expertise and excellence in civil trial work.  We have successfully tried and settled hundreds of lawsuits to the satisfaction and benefit of our clients.

Free Consultation

If you consult with our firm and we are unable to take your case, there will be no charge for the time and effort that we have spent in investigation and initial consultation.

Clients as Individuals

Even though we represent clients in lawsuits involving catastrophic injuries and complex litigation, it is our goal to treat each and every client as a person of importance who deserves to have his or her questions answered and concerns addressed efficiently.  We make it a point of pride to promptly return all telephone calls made our office. 

Contingent Fees

If we think a case has merit and value, we may agree to represent the client on a “contingent” basis, charging a percentage of the recovery for our fee.  If the case is unsuccessful, the client owes no legal fees.

Trial Work

What is the difference between civil and criminal trials?

Criminal Trials

In criminal trials, a governmental entity, such as the state or county, seeks to punish a defendant for alleged criminal activity.  The punishment can be in the form of jail or a monetary fine.  While sometimes the victim of the crime receives compensation, the purpose of the procedure is to punish the defendant.

While it is not a large part of our legal representation, lawyers at Schwartz, Bon, Walker & Studer, LLC have represented criminal defendants in a variety of cases ranging from misdemeanors to federal felonies.

Civil trials


Civil litigation involves a claim to recover money or other relief between citizens or corporations.  Oftentimes the purpose of a civil action is to recover money damages to “make whole” someone who has been injured by the wrongful acts of another.  While our lawyers have had experience in bankruptcy and domestic relations cases, our principal focus is on personal injury, wrongful death, property damage, civil rights, employment, products liability and construction litigation.  Our trial lawyers have been engaged in cases in Wyoming and other states to represent injured and wronged individuals, as well as those who have been sued by such individuals.  The fact that we have worked “on both sides” gives us a unique perspective in planning and executing litigation strategies that have the best chance to promote our clients’ interests.

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